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NYFW Spring 2017 Nails: CND at Alice + Olivia

NYFW Spring 2017 Nails: CND at Alice + Olivia


By kfrost

A recent trip to Italy’s Gardens of Bomarzo spoke to Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet—especially how nature can overtake man. “She was inspired by the lush architectural gardens there and how, over time, the stone sculptures become covered in ivory and moss,” says CND Design Lab Team Member Amanda Fontanarrosa. “They start to look like they’re born of nature.”

Such beautiful visuals allow for plenty of play with the nail art, and CND’s Design Lab Team crafts not one, but three designs to fit the bill, using colors from the upcoming CND VINYLUX Summer 2017 collection. “Stacey’s collection completely supports our summer color story; it couldn’t have been a better fit,” says CND Education Manager Roxanne Valinoti. Those colors—a margarita green, a palm green and a salmon-y pink—play off each other gorgeously in the three looks, beginning with the Crown of Palms: a bed of washed-down pink that “works as a simple backdrop” to palm fronds that wriggle onto the nail bed along the perimeter of the nail. “The idea is that foliage is being formed,” says Fontanarrosa, adding, “This took hours to create, but the design is so serene that it was really a calming process!” To craft the palm fronds, she drops seven beads of palm green polish along the border of the nail, and then lightly drags and swoops each bead toward the middle of the nail. “Depending on the size of the nail, you may need more or less beads,” she says.

For the second design, Palm French, a washed-down salmon base allows a lush swipe of palm green that starts at the tip and travels down one side of the nail to really pop. Then, “we’re using the margarita green to create fine details on top of the palm green,” says Fontanarrosa. The tip: Remove a good amount of polish from your brush so that it’s more dry; this allows you to lay down wisps of colors, which “creates the highlights needed to add movement in the leaves,” she says. Down the other side of the nail, a thin strip of salmon pink finishes the look.

The final design, Crystal Cascade, features a blush pink base dressed with the tiniest crystals. “Stacey is really into stoning her clothing right now, so we wanted to do a sprinkle of crystals that would mirror this,” says CND Co-Founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. The effect is ever-so-subtle, yet completely wearable. —Karie L. Frost

[Images: Courtesy of CND]