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NYFW Nails Fall 2016: Patricia Nail Lacquer at Georgine

NYFW Nails Fall 2016: Patricia Nail Lacquer at Georgine


By semick

Fairytales have long been a source of inspiration in fashion, with designers whisking us away to faraway lands found only in the pages of books. Backstage at Georgine, a modern-day fairytale comes to life via demure princesses and wonderfully wicked witches—a theme that makes sense, says Lead Manicurist Pattie Yankee. “[Designer] Georgine [Ratelband] wanted to encompass the two sides of women through her collection, as we all have a good and a bad side to our personalities,” she says. For the nails, Yankee plays with five polish colors from her eponymous line, ranging from “good to evil” in the color spectrum (Patricia Nail Lacquer in Fairest of 10G, Love, Dignity, Realm and a combo of Wealth and In the Army). “The colors chosen depicted the different stories found in fairytales,” she says. “Nude and a soft pink for the wholesome and pure princesses; a dark green for Little Red Riding Hood and the forest; and dark blue and deep purple for the more sinister characters in the stories.”


As for the shape, Ratelband requested a square shape and designer and manicurist agreed that a longer nail would bring the necessary drama. Yankee paints the lengthy tips, each squared-off to perfection, with colors that match the models’ clothing and character—good or evil or somewhere between. —Karie L. Frost


Images: Gary Bogan for Pattie Yankee; Kristyna Kane