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NYFW Nails Fall 2016: KISS at Rachel Antonoff

NYFW Nails Fall 2016: KISS at Rachel Antonoff


By semick

Designer Rachel Antonoff goes above and beyond when staging a fashion show. Forget gloom catwalks or stark presentations; instead, she weaves her inspiration into every detail, including the setting. This time around, well-known silver screen and Broadway secretaries and working women (think: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Working Girl, Baby Boom and The Apartment) play muse to her wares, and to show them, she hires performers to sing and dance through a maze of office desks and typewriters. And though secretaries of yesteryear may not have been able to don nail art to their 9-to-5, here, they have five designs painted by KISS Nail Lead Miss Pop from which to choose.


“With Rachel its go big or go home,” Miss Pop marvels backstage of the designer’s affinity toward nail art. And go big she does: Lips are a huge theme, and play out on nails in various designs. “I think lips are the new eyes for nail art,” Miss Pop says, referencing the evil eye nail art craze made popular in prior years. “I love lips on tips! I’m even doing a version with lips and bangs,” she says pointing to a black French tip (the bangs) that features a floating set of lips near the cuticle. Another nail design boasts squiggles in varying shades of red; these are meant to mimic lipstick swatches. “I’m ripping off one of Rachel’s prints with this design,” admits Miss Pop; indeed, the print finds itself on sharp button-downs and kicky dresses. More abstract nail art, like a white-and-beige grid and diagonal color block, are “modern twists on the classic pink and whites” that a secretary may wear, Miss Pop says.


And though all 700 lips are hand painted, Miss Pop swears you can do the kissable design easily. Just paint the lip using KISS Strong Gel Polish in Bloody Lips using a detail brush. Allow it to dry and paint a small black rectangle in the middle using KISS Nail Artist Paint in black and allow it to dry. Then, follow with a thin stripe of KISS Nail Artist Paint in white over the black. “These definitely give a sexy secretary vibe,” Miss Pop says. —Karie L. Frost


Images: Luzena Adams for KISS; Karie L. Frost