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NYFW Nails Fall 2016: INM Nails at Raul Peñaranda

NYFW Nails Fall 2016: INM Nails at Raul Peñaranda


By semick

Designer Raul Peñaranda’s Emerge Collection derives its colors and forms from a woman who feels free and beautiful. So, naturally, she’d want a gorgeous nail, right? To answer the call, the INM Nails team reinterprets “natural” nails; “nails are neutral but with stones,” explains manicurist Mr. Luis backstage. The show’s lead nail artist, 15-year-old Alanna Wall, founder of Polished Girlz, dreamt up the earth-derived design, blending real rocks, seashells and metals into the squared-off nail. “I chose the colors that I think would best complement the fabrics and the designs,” Wall comments of her inspiration process. This year was a little different, however. Though Wall has worked with Peñaranda since she was 13 years old—he gave her her first job at New York Fashion week, and she’s been coming ever since—they didn’t do their typical back-and-forth prior to the show. “Raul didn’t want to see the nails ahead of time; he wanted to be surprised,” says Wall. And what did she choose? To support the nail art, she incorporates INM Nails Elegant Rose and Storm shades for a color palette that enhances this new “natural” nail. —Emilie Branch