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NYFW Nails Fall 2016: Dermelect at 5:31 Jérôme

NYFW Nails Fall 2016: Dermelect at 5:31 Jérôme


By semick

At the 5:31 Jérôme show a ’70s vibe (think the musicians and mystics of the decade) brings funky streetwear to a luxe level. While the beauty mostly skews ’60s, it’s the standout nail design—long and dagger-like—that holds sway over onlookers. “It’s a black galactic nail with a silver crescent cuticle, ” explains Dermelect Lead Manicurist Rose Velez-Miggins of the outer space-derived design. Custom Minx Nails wraps boasting the hashtag #Dreamstate adorn thumbs, playing upon the mysticism influence. Of course, what would deep space be without a bit of the unknown? On the underside of each nail an array of five different colors act as a surprise, and Velez-Higgins says the spectrum of hues—Dermelect ME Pretentious, Swagger, Heirloom, Fearless and Luminous—reflect the swirling colors found in the galaxy. To achieve the precise crescent shape at the cuticle, she uses a cuticle sticker, and then coats the remainder of the nails in Dermelect Hold ME, a sparkling noir, to emulate the blackest reaches of the galaxy. —Emilie Branch


Images: Carissa Lancaster for Dermelect