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NYFW Fall 2016: Zoya at Marissa Webb

NYFW Fall 2016: Zoya at Marissa Webb


By semick

Masculine meets feminine. We hear that description time and again in clothing and beauty, but for designer Marissa Webb, it’s the backbone of her design aesthetic. She’s made a career of realizing the masculine structure of tailoring without the stiffness; instead, a feminine softness allows pieces to swing and float around the body. “She does such a great job of mixing the masculine and the feminine,” says Zoya lead manicurist Miss Pop backstage. So, naturally, the nail design needs to support this ebb and flow between the two. “I’m calling this nail art ‘Out of the Box,'” Miss Pop says of the black negative space design she has created for the show. She achieves it by first polishing a base coat of Zoya Naked Manicure Perfector in Lavender to brighten the bare square of the design, allowing it to dry, and then laying down a vinyl sticker strip up the middle of the nail. Typically, she says, you’d want your base as dry as humanly possible. “I would say, go watch your fave TV show while your base dries,” she says. But the backstage time crunch doesn’t allow for such a relaxed pace. Miss Pop then paints Zoya Willa, “a true, black-as-night black,” on either side of the vinyl. After waiting five minutes, Miss Pop carefully removes the vinyl, and then paints a straight line of Willa at the base and free edge of the nail. To finish, she caps the design with top coat. Want to wear this design for the warmer months? “It would look great in a white or coral polish,” Miss Pop says. – Karie L. Frost

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