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Nail Art Tutorial: Neon Stripes and Glitter

Nail Art Tutorial: Neon Stripes and Glitter


By niwp_admin

Who knew something so cute could be so easy to make! This neon summer design by Maria Zaytseva is so much fun, and and creating it is a cinch! Here’s how to do it:

neon stripes tutorial


Step 1: I used my favorite nude polish Essie Topless and Barefoot as a base, China Glaze Love’s A Beach, American Apparel Neon Yellow and Sally Hansen White On for an accent nail and Polish Me Silly Clowning Around for the other nails. I also used striping tape, a make-up sponge, scissors and tweezers.

Step 2: I put a coat of SH White On on an accent nail and painted others with Essie Topless and Barefoot. You don’t need the white to be opaque, it’s just needed to make the neon colors brighter.

Step 3: I applied the yellow and pink neon shades on a sponge to create a gradient effect and sponged it over the white.

Step 4: Then I cut the striping tape in small pieces and applied it with tweezers to create diagonal lines. I then put two coats of Essie over them. Then removed the pieces of tape. It’s better to remove them quickly otherwise you can smudge the colours.

Step 5: And finally I put a coat of Polish Me Silly Clowning Around on the other nails and applied Seche Vite to make the finish smooth.


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[Images: Maria Zaytseva]