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NCLA Presents Their Most Versatile Nail Wraps Yet

NCLA Presents Their Most Versatile Nail Wraps Yet


By semick

NCLA has come out with their Classics nail wraps! With 56 designs to choose from, this is their biggest collection yet.

They have four basic designs available: the Spike, the Halfmoon, the Stripe, and the Orbit Ring. Each is classy with a bit of an edge, perfect for achieving that effortless modern look.

NCLA ClassicsNCLA Classics

The fierce Spike starts wide at the nail bed and comes to a sharp tip just before the tip of the nail. The Halfmoon rocks a much softer look, with a chic white semi-circle at the nail bed. The Strip cuts boldly and vertically down the middle of the nail, while the Orbit Ring circles the outside of it in a fine black line.

Choose from 14 pale different colors for each, all inspired by Southern California. Wear the Stripe in a pastel yellow called Bottomless Mimosas for a stroll down sunny Santa Monica Boulevard, or try the Spike design in Rosé Colored Glasses for a night out with the girls!

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Images: NCLA