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Nailed It Backstage: The Look of Kate Spade

Nailed It Backstage: The Look of Kate Spade


By Elma

When a nail design is both “all about New York” and “disco era, Studio 54 chic,” what would that look like? For nail guru Deborah Lippmann, who’s creating the nail look at Kate Spade, that reads as long, almond-shape nails polished into the glossiest, high shine possible and punctuated with a gold pyramid stud.

“We’ve created two looks: One is black using my Fade to Black polish, and the other is a vivid, custom-blend pink that has this real zing to it,” she says. For the eye-popping fuchsia design, Lippmann first layers a white base (Amazing Grace), which she says will brighten up the ensuing hue. Though she custom-crafted the pink polish for the show, she says you can achieve the same look by polishing one coat of I Kissed A Girl followed by a coat of Between The Sheets.

On both nail designs, Lippmann places a pyramid stud an 1/8-inch above the cuticle—a detail that is repeated throughout the stud-heavy Kate Spade collection. Lippmann shares this invaluable, stud-worthy tip: “When you purchase your pyramid studs, look for an open back.” To adhere the studs, fill the open back with glue; “it won’t seep out on the sides,” she says. Place the stud on the nail and let it sit for a second, and then press down gently. Apply top coat around the edges of the stud, and then gently press down again. This will allow the stud to sit “seamlessly” on the nail. “There’s nothing worse than placing stones or studs on nails and seeing the adhesive seep out from underneath them; it looks messy,” she laments. With this trick, your stud designs will be golden—guaranteed. —Karie L. Frost


ks3[Images: Deborah Lippmann]