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Nailed It Backstage: The Look of Jeremy Scott

Nailed It Backstage: The Look of Jeremy Scott


By Elma

At Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2013 show, one might give pause to the prints he’s employed: One part Garbage Pail Kids and one part SoCal skater, the look is verging on total gross-out. “With everything going on—the dead stuff in Jeremy’s prints—he asked for a pop of color. He wanted some life,” laughs lead manicurist Pattie Yankee backstage. Dead stuff? “Yeah: Brains and eyeballs hanging everywhere,” she says. 

So a manicure that breathes life into the look needs tons of hyper-color pigment, and Yankee has the answer: Her new line of nail polishes, Patricia by Patricia Yankee (debuting April 2013 at “I custom-made the orange and magenta colors for the show, but Life (a neon green), Reign (an electric blue) and Son (a bright yellow) are all part of the core line,” she says.

Models receive one of the five hues and, as an added element each blinding polish job is having some of its vibrancy stripped away with the addition of matte top coat. “This is street girl who doesn’t take care of herself; maybe she lets her nails chip. For me, the best way to take some of the ‘polish’ off is to matte the manicure,” Yankee says. Note to skate-punk girls: Matte top coat’s your friend. —Karie L. Frost

[Images: Pattie Yankee]