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Nailed It Backstage: The Look of Emerson

Nailed It Backstage: The Look of Emerson


By Elma

After viewing swatches of fabric for the Emerson runway show, Orly nail lead Miss Pop knew she wanted to create a nail that exuded the same edgy, sexy appeal as the clothing. “I wanted nails that would show skin,” she laughs. “So, I came up with this lace design, but it’s not your momma’s lace.” To evoke the naughty appearance of lace over bare skin, Miss Pop first polishes nails in two coats of Orly Nail Lacquer Pure Porecelain, a flesh-tone, opaque nude that she says “is not at all streaky.”

For her lace detailing, she’s drawing thee diagonal lines from left to right using Orly Nail Lacquer in After Party, a metallic black, and then three diagonal lines from right to left. Once the crisscross pattern is in place, Miss Pop places a dot of After Party where each line intersects. “This marks where the florets will be,” she says. For each floret, she first thins her black polish using a combo of ¼ polish to ¾ acetone, and with a detail brush, connects the dots using a swooping half-moon motion. “It’s a lighter detail,” she notes.

As for the length, Miss Pop calls it “wearable talons, or maybe active stilettos. This girl is edgy and a little dangerous, but she hasn’t the time for four-inch nails,” she says. “What I’ve noticed: All of the models can still text their boyfriends in these nails, because that’s what they’ve been doing! Nonstop!” Active, indeed. —Karie L. Frost

[Images: Orly]