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Nailed It Backstage: The Look of Bibhu Mohapatra

Nailed It Backstage: The Look of Bibhu Mohapatra


By niwp_admin

For his fall collection, designer Bibhu Mohapatra turned his attention to photographer Man Ray, and how his imagery played with stark contrasts and utilized solarizations and rayographs. Such distortion didn’t particularly play a huge role in the nail look; rather, Maybelline lead manicurist Honey worked in the idea of art deco elements—also found in the clothing. “Bibhu is inspired by the ’30s, and when I looked at the fabrics, I wanted a nail art design that looks graphic and strong,” she says. “This nail art really puts the idea of strength and this collection into art form.”

That design—a black diamond and portrait border—is sketched out on a table in front of Honey backstage. She references it—as does her team—as the chaos swirls around her. To make her nail art details pop, Honey polishes digits in Maybelline Born With It, a pale pink. Then, she uses acrylic black paint to hand-detail the diamond design. “We’re free-handing here, so I opted to use paint rather than polish because it dries so much quicker,” Honey explains. The scene backstage is so crowded that it’s amazing she finds the concentration to keep her lines precise. The finished look comprises what Honey had in mind: a strong, graphic nail. —Karie L. Frost