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Nailed It Backstage: The Look at Katie Gallagher

Nailed It Backstage: The Look at Katie Gallagher


By Elma

At the Katie Gallagher Fall 2013 presentation, the designer has named her collection “Winter Froze You Away,” referencing the inherent darkness that comes with the chilly season. But nobody is sunnier in personality than lead nail tech Miss Pop, who’s working with Color Club to give the crowning touch to an unusual beauty look: long, clear, pointed talons brandishing a pointelle design created with four ombré hues, one of which is a custom-blend for the show.

Miss Pop dots on the four nail polish shades—a lightest “dove grey,” slightly darker Sheer Disguise, deep charcoal Muse-ical and black Where’s the Soiree (all by Color Club)—darkest near the free edge and lightest near the nail bed. Her dots are random in size, making the look even more visually arresting.

“This is a super-user-friendly nail art design because you don’t have to polish with your non-dominant hand,” she says. “All you do is use a dotting tool, dip it in the polish and then dot down the nail, going from dark to light. It’s like a sera painting, where it gently graduates and shows a different color.” It’s breathtakingly gorgeous—an easily replicated design that looks anything but simple. —Karie L. Frost


kg1[Images: Color Club]