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Nail’d It Season Finale: Ashley Craig WINS!

Nail’d It Season Finale: Ashley Craig WINS!


By semick

Nail artist Ashley Craig is the winner of Nail’d It Season 1! This lucky and talented lady scored $100,000 and now gets to do nails for the cover of Nail It! magazine!

The episode had the best nail art of the season – Jan Arnold even commented that Ashley’s winning talons looked “expensive,” Kandi’s candy nails were good enough to eat, plus Lauren’s poppy nails blew us away. Take a peek at some of the photos from the episode.

Images: Oxygen

  • Photographer/director Lindsey Byrnes watches over the set before taking the trophy cup photos you'll see later in Nail It! magazine.

  • Ashley's winning design that included dried flowers and sugar skull.

  • Ashley's colorful work station

  • Our Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Lavery gets a dazzling white manicure from the set's nail art specialist Ronna Jones.

  • An early idea Ashley scrapped: gold leafing over a tip to look like a gold nugget.

  • Ashley's beautiful design!

  • Kandi's chocolate nails

  • Lauren's poppy nails pre-judging

  • With her eyes wet with tears, Ashley hung out after the show to snap photos with the judges.

  • Ashley's Mixed Media nails

  • Ashley's Mixed Media Nails

  • Ashley's winning Fantasy nails

  • Ashley Craig, 27 from Fort Myers, FL

    Instagram: @kickashnails

    A seven-year nail industry veteran, Ashley believes her designs are a reflection of her unique personality. From mixing textures like glitter and Mylar to her hand painted art, Ashley is known for putting “everything but the kitchen sink” into her 3-D nail designs and often places amongst the top 10 in competition circuits. As a visual art major, Ashley paints more than just nails: wall murals and tattoo designs are also in her repertoire. As a single mother, her hope was to win the competition to provide a better life for her daughter. Congrats, Ashley!