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Nail’d It Episode 6: Nail Gallery

Nail’d It Episode 6: Nail Gallery


By semick

Nail’d It’s episode 6 was not for the meek. In the first round, competitors Julie Ventura, Jami Procopio, and Amber Trawick designed quick-dry nails for three biker babe clients. Judge Jan Arnold loved Julie’s “drippy chain” and thus Julie won the first round.

In the Elimination Challenge, the goal was to create nails for hip-hop star Diamond’s next music video. Because Julie had the lead, she got the chance to throw away one of her competitor’s nails partway through the competition. However, at the end of the day, it was Amber who pulled ahead. She may have had fewer large 3-D designs, but her funky mani was exactly the style Diamond was looking for.

Check out the nails from the show below!

Images: Oxygen network

  • Julie's winning quick-dry biker nails

  • Silver foil tips

  • Drippy chain!

  • Amber's biker-chic metal quick-dry nails

  • A perfect cross

  • Lovely matte

  • Rhinestones everywhere!

  • Jami's biker-chic quick-dry nails

  • An ombre look

  • She used lots of gold!

  • ..and studs!

  • Amber's winning Elimination Nails - inspired by hip-hop artist Diamond

  • Spikes

  • Queen of ATL

  • Crazy colors!

  • Diamond's name is ON the nail!

  • Mic nail

  • Jamie's Elimination Nails inspired by Diamond

  • Old school boom box

  • 32 flavas

  • Amazing mermaid tail!

  • Julie's Elimination Nails inspired by Diamond

  • Julie is an expert at hand painting

  • Zipper detailing!

  • Sassy shell!