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Nail Tips: Where to Buy Nail Studs and 3-D Nail Charms

Nail Tips: Where to Buy Nail Studs and 3-D Nail Charms


By James

3-D charms, studs, and rhinestones have become wildly popular in the world of nails, but the question always seems to be, “where do you buy them?” You typically won’t find packs of metal studs or sparkly charms next to the racks of nail polish in the drugstore; it usually comes down to a laborious internet search. If you’re looking to try some cool new nail accessories — from pearls to bows to mustaches — try one of these sellers who are all right on trend.

  • Daily Charme is the ultimate source for metallic geometric studs, whether you're looking for circles, squares, triangles, hearts, stars, or cones. But she has more than just that. DailyCharme also sells these feminine resin roses in addition to a complete line of floral nail decals.

    [Images: Daily Charme]

  • The Born Pretty Store is a one-stop shop for all things nail art. They have water transfer decals, tools, and more - including charms and rhinestone pieces of all sorts.


    [Image: screenshot via]

  • Hex Nail Jewelry is geared towards the urban, modern woman. The LA-based company has sassy message charms that have been worn by stars like Miley Cyrus, as well as gold animal silhouettes, symbols, and more.


  • Hail the Nails has a little bit of everything. Shaped studs, metallic caviar beads, rhinestones, mustaches. We noticed she's one of the few who offers tiny pearls for particularly elegant manis. Hail the Nails is most known, however, for artistic water transfer nail wraps that have been sighted on the digits of A-listers like Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel.

    [Images: Hail the Nails/Yvonne Dunn]

  • MKBeautyClub has a astonishing collection of elaborate 3-D nail jewelry encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Bows, hearts, owls, crowns -- you name it, and MKBeautyClub has the sparkling jewel-covered version of it.

    [Images: MKBeautyClub]

  • ColorClub offers a unique variety of nail accessories, including shimmery crushed up white seashells to sprinkle over wet polish. The professional nail company also has tiny flowers that can be used together in a bunch or individually and a cool assortment of star-shaped cutouts.

    [Images: Cosmetic Group]

  • In The Nail Room has more unusual, stylized charms! They've got everything including Rolling Stones lips, starfishes in gold and silver, scallopped shells, cameras, and more!


  • Stars like Katy Perry, who are looking for a full-coverage nail charm with Eastern influences, seek out Nail Veils. Their pieces are pricier, but are meant to be kept and reused.

    [Images: Twitter @katyperry]

  • Nail Charmings sells ice-like stones and cubes the reflect the light and color of your polish or gel.

    Image: Instagram @nail_charmings

  • If you are looking for brightly colored nail accessories and pretty packaging, ShopJeannieV on Etsy is a good place to start. These vibrant bows have flat backs so they stick onto nails easily as a girly accent. Jeannie also has multicolored diamond gems, and several variety packs of gold and silver studs.

    [Images: ShopJeannieV/Jeannie V]

    Update: Jeannie is not currently running her Etsy shop.

  • If diamonds are your best friend, seek out Decadent Dame Designs. She sells small rhinestones in just about every color you could dream of. Pick out ones that match your favorite lacquer or try a variety of different polish-jewel color combos.

    [Images: Decadent Dame Designs/Cayla Christine]

    Update: Cayla is not currently running her Etsy shop.