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One Nail Polish Bottle Equals How Many Coats?!

One Nail Polish Bottle Equals How Many Coats?!


By Kiana Martin

If you’ve found yourself lying awake in the dark of night, asking yourself this question, breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Judgement Day has arrived and YouTube vlogger HelloMaphie has uncovered the answer to the age-old question: How many coats of nail polish does one bottle equal? The answer will surprise you! 

One Nail Polish Bottle Equals How Many Coats?!

In a YouTube video that’s been viewed over three million times, nail vlogger HelloMaphie answered the question we, as curious professionals and enthusiasts, have been asking since the time of man and that is: Exactly how many coats can I get out of this thing again? Whether you’re curious or already developing your next business strategy over the answer, the YouTube video is so captivating to watch you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the screen as Maphie layers coat after coat of Salon Perfect’s Wrapped Around My Pink-y polish on her fingernails creating a grand total of… Oops, guess you’re going to have to watch the video for yourself to get the final answer.

Who knew a bottle of nail polish contained enough lacquer for 147 coats?! This incredible video was created in response to the #polishmountain challenge that’s currently taking Instagram by storm. For those who aren’t familiar with the challenge, nail vloggers paint 100 coats of nail polish on their fingertips to create a towering mountain of hard shell goodness. One of our favorite #polishmountain videos comes from Lime Crime Makeup.

If you’ve ever wondered what 100 coats of nail polish looks like… 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻 Via @mynailsforlife #polishmountain

See this Instagram video by @limecrimemakeup * 10.4k likes

So the next time someone asks you how many coats you can get out of one lacquer bottle, you’ll be more than prepared for the answer. #KillingtheGame.