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Nail It! Daily: Nails of the Day for March 2014

Nail It! Daily: Nails of the Day for March 2014


By semick

–Each weekday, Nail It! selects one gorgeous nail design from followers. Click through to see each day’s pick.

*If you would like to enter, submit your original nail art photos to art-sub (at), or tag photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with hashtag #nailitdaily. Try to include the names of the products you used and your technique! After entering, check back here and our Inspiration tab to see if we’ve chosen your photo!

Here are our favorite designs for each weekday March 2014. To see the most current picks, see Or see all Nail It! Daily galleries by month.

  • Mar. 31: @Sparklicious_nails used this watercolor technique used acrylic paint to create flowers!

  • Mar. 28: Celebrate! It's Friday! Nails by @drsuuz.

  • Mar. 26: Add yellow to that ikat, just like @zizinoviandi!

  • Mar. 25: Take on the day...and this galaxy pattern by @seizethenail!

  • Mar. 24: Polka dots and 3D flowers grace the nails of this pretty manicure by @nananailpolish.

  • Mar. 21: @lilykat_nails shares a colorful tribal design just right for spring!

  • Mar. 20: @Rubyrominaa used a tutorial from @mrcandiipants to paint these lovely blue and white flowers!

  • Mar. 19: When it's time for a vacation, visit these tips by @banicured_.

  • Mar. 18: Pink chrysanthemums really pop! Nails by @polishedelegance.

  • Mar. 14: We love these nails by @infinitelypolished to the stars and back!

  • Mar. 13: These rainforest nails make our imagination go wild! Nails by @rockyournails.

  • Mar. 12: Ahoy! Beach weather is not far off! Nails by @ohmygoshpolish.

  • Mar. 11: A little geometric stained glass for your day by @cocosnailss!

  • Mar. 10: Is it beach weather yet?! Nails by @gina_fang.

  • Mar. 7: Bright colors and imperfect outlines makes these tips kind of artsy. Props to @getonmynail!

  • Mar. 6: Nude half moons are the perfect accent to lavish, handpainted flowers! Nice work, @nina_yuanita!

  • Mar. 5: @Nailmachine's color scheme in this waterfall mani catches the eye!

  • Mar. 4: How is it something so simple looks so incredible?! These nails are by @petitepeinture.

  • Mar. 3: The colors, the flakes! All so perfect together; done by @kgrdnr.