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Nail Guru Nonie Creme Dazzles with Colour Prevails

Nail Guru Nonie Creme Dazzles with Colour Prevails


By semick

You may remember celebrated manicurist Nonie Creme from a little venture called Butter London; she was the founding creative director of the brand. Her past in prestige product development and color-mixing has led to her newest venture, Nonie Creme Colour Prevails (sold exclusively through Walgreens), which encourages multiuse (think: 2-in-1’s like the Eye Design Shadow/Liner Duo) and experimentation (the Lash Ombre Mascara promises to be a game-changer). Though her expansive line includes makeup and a not-yet-released semi-permanent hair dye, it’s the Nail Lacquers that naturally hold sway. On first glance, the brush handle seems purely an aesthetic choice, but Creme assures that the angled butterfly wing that is synonymous with the line makes polish-painting a real breeze. “Truthfully, I used my daughter’s Play-Doh [to come up with the shape] and kept molding and remolding it to find that perfect fit,” she laughs. “Finally, when I had what made the most sense for you to use easily with your nondominant hand, I sent it off to the manufacturer. Yes, I sent a Play-Doh mold off to them! They knew me by then; they got it!”

Colour Prevails Nail Polishes

Nonie Creme Colour Prevails Nail Lacquer in (from top left): Mr. Right, Girls Club, Cry Baby, Mr. Right Now, No Regrets and Sashimi, $8 each,

Though learning how to polish with this beautiful—and ergonomic—brush will take a few minutes to grasp (read on to learn how to hold it!), Creme promises you’ll be luxuriating in all 35 of her 5-free color offerings in no time. And you can: Though high-end in formulation and packaging, the price point is something we can all appreciate; the “masstige” polishes are a wallet-friendly $8 while the most expensive piece, a large eye shadow palette, tops out at $19. “I want to make beauty and quality accessible,” Creme notes. With Colour Prevails, she’s poised to deliver on this sentiment in spades.


How to Hold the Colour Prevails Brush:

Easy_Hold_Nail_PolishYes, it’s pretty—but the Colour Prevails polish cap is much more than a pretty face. The patented, ergonomically designed brush allows for complete control over the handle. Here’s how to use it: Hold the cap similarly to the way you would hold a pen by placing your pointer finger over the top bend of the wing. Then, place your thumb on one side and rest your middle finger on the back. Now, polish to your heart’s content!  —Karie L. Frost



Images: Christine Blackburne