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Where to Buy Nail Decals and Stickers

Where to Buy Nail Decals and Stickers


By semick

Never used decals or nail stickers before? Well, now is the time to step up your nail game and make your digits pop! We’ve put together a list of stylish brands that sell beautiful decals and stickers, from loud designs to minimalist lines. With a variety of styles, there are endless nail art possibilities…


Sha Nail from Skyline Beauty Supply

Before only available in Japan, Sha Nail decals are super thin so they lay flat against your nail when you apply them. Now they’re available for purchase through Skyline Beauty Supply either online or in their brick-and-mortar store.





CinaPro‘s 3-D nail decals are made from super-flex rubber and self-adhere using a hospital grade adhesive. Nail art decal designs range from flowers, holiday packs, breast cancer awareness, glam, metallic hearts and more. Find them at or Sally Beauty Supply!


Born Pretty Store

Most of their decals are under $2, they offer free shipping, and ship within 24 hours. With hundreds of cute nail water decals to choose from, there is something for everyone. Designs include animals, stripes, abstract and feathers.



Rad Nails

Rad Nail‘s glossy gold foil wraps are a wonderful tool to utilize negative space in a chic, minimalist manner . Sets come with 20 geometric nail designs on clear so you can wear them as-is or layer over polish. Rad Nail’s foil wraps are non-toxic and 100% vegan.


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Joby Nailart

Joby Nailart‘s selection of nail stickers are top quality at affordable prices. They carry over 200 different nail art designs ranging from flowers, gemstones, holidays and their “signature” design.

incoco nails


Incoco‘s Accent Addiction collection allows artists play around with styles and enhance their nail art with letter appliqu├ęs and accents that pop. With minimalist geometrics to printed initials, there is a nail accent for everyone.

cat decals


Available from, these NPW nail stickers come in irresistible shapes. Example? We love these cat-themed decals, complete with paw prints, “meow” speech bubbles, and pink tabbies!


– Allegra White

Images: CinaPro, Instagram @bornprettystore, Rad Nails, Instagram @jobynailart, Incoco, NPW