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Nail Care The Right Way

Nail Care The Right Way


By Dale Arden Chong

As February comes to a close, spring is quickly making its approach, which means your nails will be making a number of appearances. It’s finally warm enough to not wear gloves, so as the seasons change it’s all about keeping those hands and nails as healthy as can be. Once the best care has all been said and done, nail art comes in to play.

Here at Nail It!, we want your nails and hands to be as beautiful as ever. That’s why we talked to Shelly Hill, general manager of Base Coat Nail Salon, for some #TreatYourSelf tips and to learn about the common mistakes when it comes to caring for your nails. She also shares what she’s spotting for the upcoming season of nail art trends to get you inspired. 

Read the full interview below!

What is the most common mistake people make when doing their own nails?

Using the wrong tools/files. When filing your nails, try and use a glass nail file in a side to side motion as this seals the keratin layer. Doing so will not shred your nails as traditional (or coarse) files will do when using a back and forth filing motion. 

What’s something people might not know when it comes to taking care of nails?

Do not cut your cuticles as this will cause them to grow back thick and hard. Instead, gently push back your cuticles after washing your hands or showering to keep them in their natural state. You can also apply an oil to your cuticles like Base Coat Cuticle Serum, which promotes healthy nail growth and strengthens nails.

Best practices in nail care?

Along with using the right tools to avoid damage to your nails, it’s also important to think about what ingredients are inside your nail polish. Using a non-toxic, eight-free formula like Base Coat Nail Polish is a safer alternative because it’s made without the most toxic ingredients known to cause health problems including cancer, asthma and even neonatal death.

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What are the trends you’re seeing for nails this spring and summer?

Some of the trends we are seeing are negative space, glitter, ombré, geometric shapes, large dots and using a different color on each nail for a colorful French look or polishing the entire nail. 

Most popular nail art this year so far?

I have seen a lot of Aztec/tribal looks that are very detailed and fun. 

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Music festivals are coming up! Any looks people can try at home to get into the spirit?

Music Festivals tend to be very “free spirited” – some easy at home nail art would be doing tribal looks – like a simple feather on your ring finger or creating a cluster of dot flowers on each nail in festive colors.

What nail care tools do you currently use? Let us know in the comments below, and then shop Base Coat’s nail care line.

[Images: Base Coat Nail Salon]