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Nail Blogger Tips: Must-Have Nail Products

Nail Blogger Tips: Must-Have Nail Products


By niwp_admin

Jasmine from WebHauteJas shares her must-have nail products of the moment! Check out her list of essentials from nail care products to polish colors and tools! What are the nail products you can’t live without? Tweet your faves to @nailitmag #nailessentials.


Jasmine’s Product Picks:

ASP Whiting Nail Paste: The summer’s hottest polish colors can sometimes leave a yellow stain on the nail bed, especially if worn without a base coat (tisk,tisk). Using a whitening agent such as this one by ASP can help you remove what was not meant to be!

Butter London Melt Away Polish Eliminator: One word – AMAZING! It is well worth the $14 price point and works super fast. My advice is to do one hand at a time! A cuticle pusher will be helpful.

Essie Polish in Jazz: I don’t just love this color because it is my namesake *wink*, but it is my go-to because it goes with everything I could possibly wear, looks great matte or shiny and is perfect for every complexion. Do yourself a favor and keep a bottle in your bag!

Purifile by Flowery: My first Purifile was a gift from my nail tech teacher. She told us it would be our most treasured tool and cut our filing time in half. Boy was she right! I hardly every using clippers anymore!

O.P.I Avojuice: Best. Smell. Ever. This is all you really need to know about this stuff. Oh, and the fact that you get major moisture without the greasy after-feel!

Nail Tek Hydration Therapy Cuticle Cream: Can you tell I’m into healthy cuticles!? This cuticle cream by Nail Tek is good-good stuff. I keep one in my purse and one in my desk at work. You should be conditioning your cuticles (at least) once a day….ok really twice!

Seche Ultra-V Topcoat: Want the outcome of gel polish without the commitment? Then this topcoat is for you. I swear by this one by Seche. Use it with your UV light for a quick drying, non-chipping manicure!

Cuticle Nippers: A perfect polish starts with the basics. You don’t get more basic than a pair of cuticle nippers. Use them to carefully remover hangnails and cuticle tissue after using the Cuticle Eliminator by Butter London. But be careful not to nip any live skin!

Dashing Diva Color FX Nail Polish Strips: I take these on all my trips now. They are easy to apply, fun to wear and guaranteed to be a conversation starter. I even have my friends hooked on them. Apply a layer of gel top coat for wear that lasts longer than the weekend.

*WEB HAUTE TIP: Polishing your nails right before you walk out the door? After applying a top coat, carefully run your fingernails under cold running water for about 20 seconds! They will dry by the time you reach your destination!

[Images couresty of Jasmine Smith/WebHauteJas]