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Get the EZ-est Nail Art Ever with Ez Art by Nail Bliss

Get the EZ-est Nail Art Ever with Ez Art by Nail Bliss


By Kiana Martin

Through the month of August, Nail Bliss wants to make your nail art the EZ-est it has ever been with Ez Art, their solution to trendy nail art designs for time-pressed nail artists. Here, how to apply Ez Art and where to purchase these fun and fabulous nail art strips. 

Get the Ez-est Nail Art Ever with Ez Art by Nail Bliss

As most nail artists will concur, nothing compares to the feeling of creating your own art on your own time with your own tools. However, if you find yourself pressed for time or are constantly on the go, creating nail art may not always be an option, but neither are bare nails. For days when your nails need a little sparkle, but you don’t have the time to do it, slap on an Ez Art sticker and voila!, trendy nail art in mere seconds.

To apply Ez Art stickers,

  1. Take a dry, clean nail with or without polish.
  2. Adjust the tab to fit your nail and rub the design directly on the nail.
  3. Flaunt those nails!

Ez Art tabs never dry out and can be removed with a nail polish remover of your choice. The stickers come in 6 designs featured below.

Get the EZ-est nail art ever with Ez Art stickers by Nail Bliss; preview the 6 available designs at

Ez Art stickers are available for a limited time only through the month of August at Sally Beauty. Each Ez Art package retails for $4.99 and features 20 art strips.

To see all Ez Art designs, visit Sally Beauty!