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Nail Art Tutorial: Water Marble Decals

Nail Art Tutorial: Water Marble Decals


By semick

Do water marble – but let the polish dry on its own while you do the dishes, fold the laundry and take a shower without wet nails! Here’s @YaGala does water marble decals:


1. Use a 200ml disposable paper cup.
2.Put normal water in the cup (22-24 degrees centigrade, too warm or too cold water will dry your nail polish faster and won’t give you time to draw the design).
3. Apply masking tape or scotch tape around the nails; it will prevent you from getting nail polish all over your fingers.
4. Turn off fans, air conditioners, or anything that will dry your nail polish.
5. Have your tools ready and close by. I use a toothpick or a needle to draw the design. I also use napkins to clean my toothpick/needle.
6. Polishes that work for water marblingSally Hansen Extreme Wear, OPI, China Glaze, Sinful Colors, Bonita Colors, Dance Legend, Picture Polish, Essie (not all nail polishes work! It depends on formula. Try with creamy polishes. Some nail polishes do not work well with each other. That’s why you have to play around and try different brands) Tip: Do not use old, thick, goopy nail polishes, they won’t work as well.
7.Put nail polishes of your choice drop by drop (overall 12-15 drops for good design) Tip: If the drop sinks to the bottom, that means you are holding the brush too high.
8.To get the polish to spread out take a toothpick and circle in the water outside the design (do it after third or fourth drop) Also if you know your polishes work but they don’t spread, try shaking the cup just a tiny bit to help it spread.
9. Using a toothpick/needle to draw the design. Tip: do not draw the polish from the first two drops you did. They should be dry by the time you’re done with all the colors. Start from third or fourth circle.
10. Clean your drawing tool each time before you draw another line on a napkin.
11. Leave your design in the cup and let dry 20-30 mins.
12. When it’s completely dry, carefully take it out.
13. Using manicure scissors, cut it to the size and shape of your nail.
14. Apply a base color on your nails. It’s best to use white polish as a base color, that way your other colors will end up opaque on your nail – especially if you are using neon or very sheer colors. Tip: Your base color should be kind of sticky (not dry and not wet) before the next step.
15. Place the decal on your nail and cut the excess away, cleaning up the cuticle area using a flat brush and nail polish remover.
16. Decorate your design as desired. Add rhinestones, crystals, dots or glitter.
17. Apply top coat! Done!


Find Galina online:
Instagram: @yagala
[Courtesy of @yagala]