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Nail Art Tutorial: Water Droplet Nails

Nail Art Tutorial: Water Droplet Nails


By semick

Taking inspiration from dew drops on a green lawn, Alpana (@alpsnailart) designed these 3-D nails. Learn how she created these clear bubbles on her tips.

Supplies needed:
+Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White 

+Essie Matte About You top coat
+Maybelline Color Show clear top coat
+Green and white acrylic paints
+Round edge nail art brush
+Dotting tools
+Cotton swab


Step 1: Mix green and white acrylic paint to get a shade lighter than the green color you’ll be using for drops. Apply the light green paint to nails over a base coat. You can leave a leave streaky texture for a grassy effect.
Step 2: Apply Essie Matte top coat.
Step 3: Using a dotting tool, create small and big dots with green acrylic paint.
Step 4: Lightly dab a wet cotton swab in the center of the green dots, just enough to clear the center area leaving only outer circles of dots. This technique is also known as water color effect as it gives the drops water color paint look.
Step 5. With the help of a dotting tool, place a small blob of clear top coat in the center of the dots.

1. Normal top coat will sit flat on nails after few minutes. To make 3-D bubbles stay on nails better, use a gloopy top coat. Or you can pour some top coat on a plastic dish and let it set for few minutes. Once it’s thicker but not dry, you can use it to create the 3-D bubbles.
2. Try making your clear drops a size smaller than your green spot so that an outer circle of green shows. This gives a better effect.


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Images: Alpana of @alpsnailart