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Nail Art Tutorial: Tropical Sunset Flowers

Nail Art Tutorial: Tropical Sunset Flowers


By lizzysonline

Dreaming of sunsets, tropical flowers and the ocean breeze in your hair? You’ll love this vibrant nail design inspired by Hawaiian beaches. Instagram’s @kmeglaw shows us how to create the look.

Products and Tools:
+ base coat, top coat, clear polish
+ OPI I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana (yellow polish)
+ OPI Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go (peach polish)
+ OPI Live. Love. Carnaval (coral polish)
+ Mundo de Unas Military Green & White
+ Moyou London Deep Ocean (blue)
+ Moyou London Tropical Collection 02 plate
+ stamper, scraper
+ latex-free make-up sponge
+ detail & clean-up brushes


1. Start with a layer of your favorite base coat.

2. Apply 1-2 coats of peach polish. Let dry completely.

3. While color is drying, start making your stamping decals!

4. Take your stamping image plate. Place green stamping polish over the leaves & white polish over the flowers. Scrape off excess polish. Roll stamper over the image to transfer.

5. Using detail brush, color in flower petals with blue polish. Let dry for several minutes; then cover entire image with layer of clear polish. Set aside to dry.

6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 to create a decal for each nail.

7. While your decals are drying, make a gradient! On a makeup sponge, paint overlapping lines of yellow, peach, & coral. Dab sponge onto nail using slight zig-zag motion to blend out the color edges. Repeat this step until you have achieved the desired opacity. Let dry. At this point, your nails will look like this:


8. By now your decals should be dry. Gently peel them off the stamper heads.

9. Place decal onto nail & press firmly to smooth it into place. If the decal does not stick well, apply a thin layer of top coat to the nail and then place the decal.

10. Trim off excess decal using small scissors. Clean up remaining edges using acetone & clean-up brush.

11. Add a layer of fast drying top coat and…. ALOHA! You have a gorgeous Hawaii inspired mani that will transport you to paradise!


[Images courtesy of @kmeglaw]