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Nail Art Tutorial: The Flower Moon Nail

Nail Art Tutorial: The Flower Moon Nail


By Elma

While waiting with her daughter for an appointment, Adelis Lebron watched a cartoon that presented shapes including hearts and flowers. When white flowers appeared against a black background, Adelis was inspired to create our sharable design. Here are the detailed steps!

Products and Tools:
•Base coat- Nail Envy from OPI
•White polish- Matte from Bettina Cosmetics
•Black polish- Onix from Bettina Cosmetics
•Dotting Tools
•Top Coat- HK Girl from Glisten & Glow


1. After applying a base coat to your nails, paint them with your base color. In this case I used white, called Matte by Bettina Cosmetics

2. Using another color, with the biggest ball of your dotting tools make a dot on the middle of your nail near the cuticle. I used black, called Onix also from Bettina Cosmetics.

3.  Using the same dotting tool make two dots, one on each side of the first dot.

4. Make two more dots on top to complete the petals of your flower.

5. With a smaller dotting put a white dot on top of each petal.

6. Then with the same small dotting tool make another dot with the black polish on the bottom of the white dot. The white dot now should look like a sad smile.

7. Using the big dotting tool make a dot on the center of you flower with the white polish.

8. Then make another dot on top of the white dot with the black polish and then another smaller dot with the white polish.

9. Use a top coat of your preference to seal your design, and you’re done! I used HK Girl from Glisten & Glow.

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