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Nail Art Tutorial: Real Dried Flower Nails

Nail Art Tutorial: Real Dried Flower Nails


By semick

Those of you who want to try the dried flower look (but don’t want to wait 4-6 weeks for your order to come from your favorite online nail art supply) — get excited! This design from Alpana of @alpsnailart utilizes real flowers you can find right outside your door. Small petals work best. Here’s how she did it:


Drying the flowers and leaves:
I cut the flowers petals very close to its stems. Being careful not to damage the petals’ shape. Lay them flat on a tissue paper. Leave them inside a book overnight. The next day, they were dried and looked like this.

Paint the nail white as the base color. Once it’s semi-dry, start placing dried leaves and flowers. Add the dot in the center using a dotting tool. Seal the flower design with a top coat.
Here are a few tricks to the drying process:
1. Try drying the flowers as soon as they’re plucked. I was traveling, so I got a chance to dry them after a few hours of being picked. They had already started changing their color by then. If you begin sooner, you can preserve its real color better.
2. Don’t over-dry the flowers. These flowers are tiny and do not require more than 6-7 hours dry time. Leaving them overnight works best.
3. Don’t put them under too much heavy weight to dry. These are very delicate flowers. Normal 1kg book is good enough. Too much weight damages the petals.
4. The dried flowers can be preserved for few days, but only if stored properly. Leaving them in a book for later use will over-dry them. Take them out of the book and preserve them in small containers.

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Images: Alpana of @alpsnailart