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Nail Art Tutorial: Minion Movie Nails

Nail Art Tutorial: Minion Movie Nails


By semick

Have you caught Minion fever? Try this manicure by Alpana of @alpsnailart!

Products Used:
+ Eliana’s Collection Yellow 2lips
+ Eliana’s Collection Perfect Storm
+ Dance Legend 315 and 323
+ Dance Legend Satin Matte Top Coat
+ Straight and French tip nail vinyls from Twinkled T
+ Dotting Tools
+ Nail art brush
+ Caviar beads
+ Denim fabric
+ Cuticle scissor
+ Black thread

Step 1: Apply yellow nail polish as your base color. Once it’s dry, add matte top coat.
Step 2: Stick two horizontal straight vinyls or pieces of striping tape. Fill in between them with black nail polish and a nail art brush.
Step 3: Remove vinyls immediately before polish dries.
Step 4: Add two large black polish dots of using your largest dotting tool head.
Step 5 : Once black dots are semi-dry, add two white nail polish dots using a smaller dotting tool head.
Step 6: When white dots are semi-wet, add brown caviar beads for eyeballs. Draw different facial expressions using nail art brush.
Step 7: Stick a French tip guide covering half on nail. Apply blue nail polish. Remove the vinyls immediately.
Step 8: Cut small strands of black thread. Dip it in clear polish. Attach them to nail near cuticle.
Step 9: Cut out a small piece from old denim fabric. Use a French tip guide to make one end of the fabric piece rounded, lay on nail and cut the rest of the fabric to match the shape of the nail. When the blue polish is semi-wet, attach the denim piece onto nails. Press from all sides to make sure it is well attached.

Find Alpana online:
Instagram: @alpsnailart
Twitter: @ alpsnailart

Images: Alpana Ladwani