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Nail Art Tutorial: Green Apple Marble

Nail Art Tutorial: Green Apple Marble


By semick

These are bright and juicy as a granny smith – but with a little extra flair! Learn how Alpana (@alpsnailart) created them step-by-step.

Products Used:
+ Nail Polishes: Maybelline Color Show in Tangerine Treat, Porcelain Party, Ladies Night and Mint Mojito

+ Seche Vite Top Coat
+ Sandwich Bag
+ Needle
+ Tweezers
+ Nail art brush

1. Drop the first color on plastic bag. Since this will form the base, we want it to spread well. Hold the brush about 2-3 inches over your bag when dropping polish.
2-6. Put the next colors drop by drop right in the middle of the first layer. Make each new drop a little less wide than the last.
7-8. Drag a needle lightly through it to create a floral design like you would do with water marble nails.
9. Let the decal dry for 4-5 hours.
10. Apply base nail color on nails.
11. When the base is semi-wet, apply the decal over nails.
12. Press decal onto nails, making sure to carefully press down the sides.

1. Work on flat and stable surface. If the surface is not flat, the drop tends to be less symmetrical and round.
2. Make sure all subsequent drops fall right in the center of first drop, so they stay symmetrical.
3. If the decal does not fit across your whole nail, you can do touch ups by applying more of your base color on the edges of your nail. Then apply top coat to even out the design.
4. Polishes should not be too runny or too gloopy. Opaque crème polishes work great.


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Images: Alpana of @alpsnailart