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Nail Art Tutorial: Four Leaf Clover Water Marble

Nail Art Tutorial: Four Leaf Clover Water Marble


By semick

Plain green nail polish is good, but now that you’re a fully formed Nail It! reader, we  challenge you to a water marble! And since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, practice your technique by using all green polishes and shaping your marble to look like a shamrock by pulling it from four directions with a needle.

Yasmeen (@sloteazzy) used a green hue from Color Club Artsy Crafty (the dark green), Pipe Dream Polish High Roller (that’s the lime green), Orly Bling (gold) and topped it all off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat.

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To get the four leaf clover marble:

1.) Start by painting your entire nail lime green.
2.) Drop your first bit of polish in your cup of filtered room temperature water and let it spread. (She notes that if it doesn’t spread to the edge of the cup, use a Q-tip to pull and swirl the water around the outer edge of the polish, so it spreads more – but don’t touch the polish with the Q-tip). Then continue dropping in the other colors one by one and letting them spread.
3.) Take your needle or toothpick and dip in from the third outermost ring to the center. Then repeat from the other three corners.
4.) Dip your finger into the design and remove excess nail polish with a Q-tip before pulling it out.

If placement is hard, you can also just make your water marble into a decal. (That’s actually what Yasmeen ended up doing.) Instructions on making water marble decals here.

Find more of Yasmeen’s work online:

Instagram: @sloteazzy
Images: Yasmeen Sandoval