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Nail Art Tutorial: Floral Holo Water Marble

Nail Art Tutorial: Floral Holo Water Marble


By semick

Water marble with all the holo polishes! Watch as nail artist Amy Tran (@amyytran) shows how to marble with these eye-catching Polished by KPT and then add a floral accent.

Products used:
+ Floral Snail Vinyls
+ Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Latex Barrier 

+ Polished by KPT: No Makeup Needed, Melrose-Dramatic, Living Like Royalty, Love On Magnolia, Shots All Around, Audrey
+ Whats Up Nails Pure Color #7 Watermarble Tool
+ Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat


1. Apply white polish and let it dry.
2. Apply Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Latex Barrier
3. Get a cup and fill it up with room temperature water (tap or filtered).
4. Add drops of polishes into the cup, making a bullseye. Make sure your polishes aren’t thick or goopy. Use new or somewhat runny polishes. You want the polish to spread in the cup. (Brands I find to work: Essie, OPI, Azature, Bonita colors, LVX, Pink Princess Cosmetics etc.) Experiment with different polishes.
5. Take a needle or toothpick and make your design. Make sure you wipe off the excess after each drag.
6. Choose which part of the design you want, place your finger parallel to the water, and dip it in.
7. Make sure your finger is straight in the water. Don’t take it out yet.
8. Blow the surface a little so some of the polishes dries. Take a Q-tip and get rid of the excess polish in the cup.
9. Remove Simply Peel Latex Barrier and clean around the fingers using acetone/brush or Q-tip if needed.
10. Apply top coat and you’re done!


Images/video: Amy Tran