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Nail Art Tutorial: Feather Water Marble

Nail Art Tutorial: Feather Water Marble


By semick

Like a snowflake, every water marble is different. Not only do different polishes spread differently, the direction in which you choose to spread your marble can give you an entirely different effect. A traditional water marble will often have a “flower petal” design, in which you drag your toothpick from the outer rings inwards. Here’s a different method: the feather water marble.

Eng of @Sisterlacquer used four of the neon shades from the infamous Pipe Dream Polish A Night in Vegas collection, Top With Love from Love Angeline, water marbling tool from Whats Up Nails (you can use either a toothpick or a needle if you don’t have one of these), and Latex Glue from Boii Cosmetics.

She started by dropping 12 drops of polish into her cup, letting each spread before adding the next one. Starting at the edge of the third outermost ring, Eng then dragged her water marbling tool from right to left across her polish drops. Hover your nail parallel to the water then release it straight in at a 45-degree angle.  Clean excess polish off the surface of the water with a Q-tip, then pull your finger out and add top coat.


A video posted by Eng S. (@sisterlacquer) on



By @sisterlacquer

Images and video: Eng of @sisterlacquer