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Nail Art Tutorial: Estelle’s Lovely Layers

Nail Art Tutorial: Estelle’s Lovely Layers


By semick

Musicians always have the best nails! There’s Beyonce’s killer metallic mani, Rihanna’s $100 bill-adorned fingertips, Katy Perry’s Obama-cure, or Lily Allen’s crazy colorfulness…we could go on and on.

One singer you definitely need to put on your radar is Estelle – this girl clearly has nail artist extraordinaire Naomi Yasuda on speed dial, and for good reason! Yasuda is known for playful, extravagant, and flawlessly executed nail art (check out the tiny troll nails she did recently).

On a recent visit to Yasuda, Estelle came back with these groovy tips inspired by That 70’s Show. They’re fairly self-explanatory, but if you swipe through below you can see the Yasuda’s intricate step-by-step process!

Manicure photo: @estelledarlings via Instagram

  • Step 1

    Add a "snow-capped mountain" shape to the tip of the nail.

  • Step 2

    Layer a swirl of yellow above it.

  • Step 3

    Add orange.

  • Step 4

    Add red; make sure you've covered the majority of the nail at this point.

  • Step 5

    Paint the rest of the nail navy blue.

  • Step 6

    Outline between the white and yellow on select nails.