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Nail Art Tutorial: Electric Turquoise

Nail Art Tutorial: Electric Turquoise


By semick

These turquoise nails are – dare we say it?! – prettier than the real-world gemstone! Follow Autumn (@justagirlandhernails) as she explains how to recreate them for yourself.

Products used:
+ Island Girl Maui Magic

+ SinfulColors Rise & Shine
+ SinfulColors Black on Black
+ HK Girl Fast Drying Top Coat

+ Saran wrap
+ Cup
+ Water
+ Hairspray (spray bottle not can)
+ Toothpick
+ Gold paint
+ Nail art brush

Turquoise Nails
1. Start by applying two coats of a lighter turquoise polish. Paint a bit of darker turquoise polish onto a bunched up piece of plastic wrap and dab it lightly onto your nails.
2. Fill cup with water and drop 2-3 droplets of black polish in water. Hold hairspray a few inches away and spray once. Dip nail in water and use a toothpick to drag the excess out.
3. Using a nail art brush and gold acrylic paint, Fill in the black spots/lines, leaving the outer edge black as an “outline.”
4. Add top coat and you’re done!
turquoise_nails_3 turquoise_nails_marbled
Images: Autumn Nicole