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Nail Art Tutorial: Cozy Sweater Nails

Nail Art Tutorial: Cozy Sweater Nails


By Sigourney Nuñez

Winter weather calls for a comfortable and stylish sweater you can look chic in while you stay warm. So why not do the same for your nails? Wrap your dazzling digits with a cozy sweater-inspired design. Follow these steps from Morgan Taylor for the how to.


1. After prepping your nails, apply a thin coat of Stick With It base coat. Apply a thin coat of Hey, Twirl-Friend! to the nail making sure to cap the free edge. Apply a second coat for full coverage.


2. With All White Now and a mini striper brush, create a small diamond shape in the middle of the nail.


3. Using the mini striper brush and All White Now, paint five more diamonds to create a snowflake shape.


4. With All White Now and a striper brush, create two thin horizontal lines above and below the snowflake.


5. Repeat Step 4 to add more horizontal lines.


6. With All White Now and the striper brush, paint a lace design by adding small triangles to the outer lines.


7. Using All White Now and a dotting tool, apply two small dots on each side of the snowflake. Add small dots in between the lace design. Complete the cozy sweater look using a thin layer of Need for Speed top coat.

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