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Nail Art Tutorial: Bright Water Marble Nails

Nail Art Tutorial: Bright Water Marble Nails


By semick

Water marbling is one of the most fun (and challenging) ways to create crazy colorful nail art. Here, nail artist Amy Tran(@amyytran) effortlessly shows how to create a spring- and summer-appropriate marble design.

What You’ll Need:

1. Apply white polish and let it dry.
2. Paint on Liquid Palisade. It dries faster than glue and comes off easier, making this all the easier for you!
3. Get a cup and fill it up with room temperature water.
4. Add drops of polishes into the cup, making a bulls-eye shape. Make sure your polishes aren’t too thick or goopy. Use new or somewhat runny polishes for the best results. You want the polish to spread in the cup. Experiment with different polishes to find what works best for you.
5. Take your watermarbling tool, or a needle, or toothpick and make your design. Make sure you wipe off the excess polish after each drag.
6. Choose your design and place your finger parallel to the water and dip it in.
7. Make sure your finger is straight in the water.
8. Blow the surface a little so some of the polishes dries and then take a q-tip and get rid of the excess polish in the cup.
9. Remove Liquid Palisade and clean around the fingers using acetone and brush or q-tip, if needed.
10. Apply topcoat and you’re done!

pastel water marble nail tutorial

Images and Video: Amy Tran