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Nail Art How To: Smurfs Inspired Nails

Nail Art How To: Smurfs Inspired Nails


By niwp_admin

Bring on the nostalgia for Saturday mornings in the 1980s. Those little blue adventurers are back and hitting theaters in The Smurfs 2 on July 31! Melgin Wright shares nail art inspired by The Smurfs and her friend’s wedding cake topper.


Products and Tools:
OPI: Ogre the Top Blue
OPI: Jade is the New Black
Revlon: Quick Dry Top Coat
Sephora: (I did a FRANKENPOLISH color. The original color was was a glittery white and I mixed it with dark blue polish until you get a glittery sky blue color!)
Reeves Acrylic paints: Phthalo Blue, Titanium White, Blue Lake, Lemon Yellow, Black, Crimson and Grass Green
Thin Liner Brush
Palette (Tip: It can be a used ice cream lid.)
**Love for nail art and tons of patience!!

How to Tutorial:
1. Apply 2 coats of the Frankenpolish sky blue on the entire nail, once dry, paint in the grass with OPI’s Jade is the new black at the nail tip. Let dry. Use thin paint brush to paint in cloud with Acrylic paint blue as a cloud shape. Let dry and then color in white paint inside the blue cloud.
2. Using your thin paint brush, mixed colors of Reeves Acrylic Blue Lake and Titanium White in to a palette and then paint in the shape inspired by Smurfette (or your favorite Smurf).
3. Paint in blonde hair with Yellow acrylic paint.
4. Paint in white dress and eyes with the white acrylic paint.
5. Using your paint brush and black acrylic paint, paint in Smurfette inspired character’s outline to make color pop! Dip your Dotter in to black paint for color in the eyes.
6. Lightly mix the yellow and grass green acrylic paint and use very thin strokes to create a grass effect by the character’s feet. Paint in the little flowers with mixture of crimson and white acrylic paint.
7. Paint in the little love hearts with crimson color paint with the very tip of your thin brush. Apply two coats of quick dry top coats.

[Images courtesy of Melgin Wright – Find Melgin on Facebook]