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Nail Art How To: Shimmery Blue Sunflower Nails

Nail Art How To: Shimmery Blue Sunflower Nails


By niwp_admin

Unexpected pairings are hot for the season, and contrasting color combinations like this energetic saffron and cerulean especially excite us! Using all consumer polishes, Denisse created a summery masterpiece and topped it all off with a necessary does of sparkle. See which hues she used and check out the step-by-step instructions below.

Supplies Needed
Base coat
Klean Color Sea Ice
Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue
Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up
Sinful Colors Boogie Nights
Sally Hansen Disco Ball
FingerPaints Laugh My Art Off
Black and white acrylic paint or nail polish
Top coat
Medium sized dotting tool
Striper brush
Clean up brush or Q-tips
Makeup sponge


Step 1: Apply base coat. While waiting for your nails to completely dry, grab your makeup sponge and paint it with Klean Color Sea Ice and Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue.
Step 2:  Sponge the two colors on your nail. Move the makeup sponge up and down slightly to mix the colors together. You may need to do this a few times to get the opacity you want. Use tape around your nail so clean up is easier.
Step 3: Grab Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up. Using the brush from the bottle, swipe it on the side and bottom part of your nail to create two flower petals. Make sure they touch on the corner of your nail.
Step 4: Grab your striper brush and dip it in Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up to paint the middle petal. To do this, just create two parenthesis that touch on the top and blend it in with the other two petals. Fill it in completely.
Step 5: Outline your petals with black paint or nail polish and create a black center. With white paint or nail polish, add little ‘v’ shapes coming out of the center.
Step 6: Using Sinful Colors Boogie Nights, add 3 dots descending from the flower.
Step 7: Add Sally Hansen Disco Ball to your entire nail.
Step 8: With Finger Paints Laugh My Art Off fill in the flower’s center.
Step 9: Clean up around your nail, add top coat and you’re done!

Check out more of Denisse’s designs on her Instagram @DenisseLove.

[Courtesy of Denisse Obledo]