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Nail Art Tutorial: Elegant Feathers

Nail Art Tutorial: Elegant Feathers


By semick
Meet Laura Minetti. Based in Latina, Italy, Minetti has has created a nail design with an elegant touch perfect for parties, festivities or weddings. Check out her technique and follow a step by step tutorial below!
Supplies Needed:
  • Kiko 3 in 1 Matte Base
  • Pupa Lasting Color in Sheer White
  • Barry M Silk Nail Paint in Pearl
  • Barry M Royal Glitter Collection in Lady  (sparkling glitter nail polish that looks like snow)
  • Barry M Royal Glitter Collection in Duchess (sparkling glitter rose/pink undertone with silver glitter)
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Striping thin brush
Step 1:

After using a clear base for all of your nails, start by painting your index and ring finger with Pupa Lasting Color in Sheer White. Paint the other three nails with the Barry M Silk Nail Paint in Pearl. This particular polish has a beautiful silk sheen, the white is pearlescent and almost matte. You can achieve a similar effect with an iridescent white and a matte top coat.

Step 2:

After the base color is dry, apply a mix of Barry M Royal Glitter polish in Lady and Duchess on the corner of a makeup sponge. Dab the sponge from the cuticle area to the free edge. Repeat this step until you create a delicate gradient effect.


Step 3:

Now it’s time for the feather design! With a striping brush and a white nail polish draw a simple curved line from the cuticle to the tip.

Step 4:

Start building the shape of the feather with some light strokes on each side of the line. You don’t have to be too precise. Fill the gaps to create a feather-like effect. Repeat the design on the ring finger and you can vary the position of the feather as you like.

Step 5:

To enhance the design, use the Barry M Royal Glitter polish in Duchess and place it along the shaft of the feather. Don’t forget to seal your design with a top coat!

Find more of Minetti’s work online:
Instagram: @lauraspills
Images: Laura Minetti