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Movember Mustache Decals and Charms

Movember Mustache Decals and Charms


By Rokon

We’re already deep into one of the year’s greatest holidays, filled with scruffy, manly men and a great sense of camaraderie.

Yes. It is Movember.

To be extra celebratory this month, don’t just leave the stubble to the face. Let it run wild all over your manicure! If you need some extra help getting a thick and luxurious mustache on your digits


[Cover nails: Janette of Instagram @yannyglez]

  • Jamberry launched Movember with three distinct nail wrap sets: Uno Momo displays a singular ‘stache, Mo Mo is plentiful pattern, and the Juniors size French Tip Bows and Little Mo Mo is a set of wraps designed specifically for little fingers. [Image: Jamberry]

  • MKBeautyClub is known for their gorgeous array of charms, and their mustache selection is no exception. The online retailer sells Fuschia Nail Art mustache charms in four different colors – basic black, wise white, and two bright neon hues if your nails are feeling fabulous. [Image: MKBeautyClub]

  • The hot new NCLA wrap is Stay Classy. Each package of wraps comes with 26 thin adhesive wraps featuring mustache patterns, monocled men, top hats, and pinstripes. No painting required! [Image: NCLA]

  • If you demand a full disguise for your tips, seek out these Mustache Party nail stickers from Etsy shop FaithinManicures. [Brittany and Margarite of FaithinManicures]

  • If you’re itching to incorporate your favorite characters into your mani, search the Etsy shop of HipZySticKy. They sell detailed water transfers with lovable cartoon personalities (with and without facial hair), in addition to other designs. [Image: Debra Hattori]