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Meet the 18 Nail’d It Contestants!

Meet the 18 Nail’d It Contestants!


By semick

This fall, the Oxygen network is bringing the first nail competition show to your television – Nail’d It! A total of 18 competitors will compete in groups of three, with the winner heading straight to the finals while the runner-up moves to the semi-finals. Get to know all of them before the season airs October 7th at 9pm by clicking through their bios below.


Images: Oxygen Media/Lindsey Byrnes

  • Amber Trawick, 34
    Tampa, FL
    Twitter: @precious_nails
    Instagram: @preciousnails220

    Amber Trawick began her career at a local salon, but is now a stay-at-home mother and works out of her house as a full time nail artist. Completely self-taught, Amber rocks a funky style and loves practicing her trade on her seven-year-old daughter. Her competitive spirit and confidence allow her to believe there is no nail art she can’t tackle.

  • Angela Beer, 32
    Alberta, Canada
    Twitter: @angelabeernails
    Instagram: @angela_beer

    A nail artist and instructor, Angela Beer is the owner of Bleutopia Nail Lounge and Education Studio and serves as the president of Ultra Beauty Canada. She was named as one of MTV Canada’s “Top 10 Favorite Nail Artists” and won first place at the Canada Nail Cup in Multimedia Art. She is a cancer survivor and finds strength in her passion for nail art and uses it to bring positivity into her life. Angela loves the endless possibility of matching someone’s nails with his or her individual personality.

  • Ashley Craig, 27
    Fort Myers, FL
    Instagram: @nail_betch

    A seven-year nail industry veteran, Ashley believes her designs are a reflection of her unique personality. From mixing textures like glitter and Mylar to her hand painted art, Ashley is known for putting “everything but the kitchen sink” into her 3D nail designs and often places amongst the top 10 in competition circuits. As a visual art major, Ashley paints more than just nails: wall murals and tattoo designs are also in her repertoire. As a single mother, she hopes to win the competition to provide a better life for her daughter.

  • Celeste Hampton, 28
    Washington, D.C.
    Twitter: @celestialnails
    Instagram: @celestialnails

    After beating a rare disease, Celeste Hampton learned to cherish everything in life and focus her attention on her passion for nail art. With over 12-years of experience, Celeste’s clients come to her home to get her unique glitzy and glamorous designs. She brings her A-game to the competition and if she wins, she hopes to open a nail bar in the D.C. area.

  • Chris Mans, 25
    Irvine, CA
    Twitter: @JeweledNails
    Instagram: @JeweledNails

    A trained graphic designer, Chris is the owner and working nail artist at Jeweled Nails in Orange County, California and also serves as an international educator for a leading nail manufacturer. Born and raised South Africa, Chris brings his international experience to the competition with his Japanese training and blend of African, European and American art styles. If he takes home the grand prize, he plans on opening his own training school called “Jeweled Nails Academy.”

  • Classic Mully, 30
    San Francisco, CA
    Twitter: @ClassicMully
    Instagram: @classicMully

    Classic is an experienced manicurist known for her phenomenal acrylic work and 3D designs. With almost three years of experience, she competes on the national level and has over thirty trophies to her name. She tried out for “Nail’d It” to prove to her ex-boyfriend that she is a better nail artist than him. A self-proclaimed “golf junkie,” she wants to win the grand prize to finish her education in Japan and open her own salon.

  • Denise "China" Washington, 27
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Twitter: @chinanails
    Instagram: @chinanails

    Known as the "Bling Queen" for bedazzling her clients’ nails with anything that sparkles, China loves to have her own nails flashing like a disco ball. With five years of experience, she is extremely passionate and works very hard at her craft. She has a degree in business and hopes to one day open her own salon and launch a polish line.

  • Jamie Melchor, 27
    Fresno, CA
    Twitter: @nailsbyJamie
    Instagram: @nailsbyjme

    Known for her execution of a unique style of nails called “duck feet,” and her unorthodox over-the-top designs, Jamie has been pushing boundaries since she first entered the industry over ten years ago. She is the owner and nail artist of Nailville in Fresno. Lately, with the struggling economy, Jamie has ventured into the competition circuit. A bubbly and unyielding nail tech, Jamie considers herself ahead of her time in the field.

  • Jami Procopio, 33
    Syracuse, NY
    Twitter: @bossychic
    Instagram: @nailbang

    Although Jami Procopio is a newcomer to the nail art scene, she is more than prepared to go nail-to-nail with the other contenders. As a single mother, self-taught artist and owner of NailBang, Jami prides herself on being a great role model for her daughter. Jami’s inspiration comes primarily from street art which makes her designs bright and unconventional, just like her whimsical personality. She wants to win the prize money to help take care of her father who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

  • Julie Ventura, 21
    Chestnut Ridge, NY
    Twitter: @julienailartist
    Instagram: @juliev37

    Currently a manicurist at modern nail studio Paintbox in NYC, Julie would never dream of doing anything but nails. Her undeniable talent and unique hand-painted art recently landed her in the top four in NAILS Magazine “Next Top Nail Artist” competition. With over forty thousand YouTube subscribers from her DIY nail tutorials, Julie has plenty of fans rooting for her fresh and edgy designs.

  • Kandi Banks, 22
    Long Beach, CA
    Twitter: @mmmkandiyamz
    Instagram: @kandiyamz

    A Bay Area native, Kandi brings her unique edge and sassy colorful style to the nail scene. Managing her new up-and-coming nail salon, KandiLand in Long Beach, she splits her time between high profile clients, a bustling social media life and star-studded events. She has worked with celebrities including Nicki Minaj, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lil Kim and Brandy. With her reputation at stake, she must outperform the competition to maintain her status in the industry.

  • Lauren Wireman, 32
    Cape Coral, FL
    Twitter: @wildflowersLW
    Instagram: @wildflowersnails

    After overcoming a troublesome past, Lauren Wireman turned her life around and now works as a pastor along with her husband. When she is not mentoring local teenagers, she is working on her passion for nail art. She treasures relationships with family and friends and finds inspiration for her designs from within.

  • Lakia Lewis, 32
    Youngstown, OH
    Instagram: @exclusive_nailsbykia

    With over a decade of experience, Lakia Lewis is a mother and an ambitious entrepreneur who prides herself on over-the-top nail designs. She believes nail art is a form of self-expression and decided to join the competition to validate her skills and talent. Aside from working as a nail artist and educator, Lakia is also developing a product line for her newly launched company, Miss International Cosmetics.

  • LaToya Parker, 30
    Miami, FL
    Instagram: @nailartaddict305

    LaToya is an artist to the core and does not hold back when it comes to her nail art. From candy to chains, there is nothing she will not add to a nail to complete a look. LaToya looks forward to accomplishing her goals in the nail art world and to one day truly establish her brand.

  • Robert Nguyen, 27
    Oceanside, CA
    Twitter: @nail_guy
    Instagram: @nailguytv

    Best known for his 3D masterpieces, Robert Nguyen has been working and competing in the nail art arena for 8 years and currently serves as an international guest artist for OPI. He brings his well-rounded nail skills and fine painting ability to the competition. He also loves the nail industry, especially for leading him to his fiancée, who is a hand model. Robert is set to open his own salon, House of Polish this summer in Beverly Hills.

  • Temeka Jackson, 30
    Orange, CT
    Twitter: @CustomTnails
    Instagram: @Customtnails1

    With over 10-years of experience, Temeka is the owner of Custom Nails By Temeka in Orange, CT. Her skills as a nail artist have received recognition in competitions and on local TV. Her proudest accomplishment in nails was receiving a letter from the White House after she depicted the Obama family on a set of nails. She is the ultimate fashionista and brings her strong artistic capabilities, creativity, execution and will for neatness to the competition. She works part-time at a hospital to support her passion for nails but aspires to take her career to the next level and own a salon in Los Angeles.

  • Thao Dang, 23
    Beaufort, SC
    Twitter: @lovepeacenails
    Instagram: @_lovepeacenails

    Thao started off working as a receptionist in a nail salon and has worked her way up to be full time nail artist and technician. With over 9 years in the industry, she believes nail art is her true calling and strives to open her own salon. With a hardworking mentality and big dreams, Thao wants to prove to the world that her gift can take her places she never thought possible. She draws inspiration from pop art, graffiti and the latest trends, but enjoys painting human eyes and cheetah prints the most.

  • Winnie Huang, 30
    B.C., Canada
    Twitter: @WinnieIsAwesome
    Instagram: @WinnieIsAwesome

    Originally from Taiwan, Winnie moved to Canada when she was 15-years old. With less than one year of experience, Winnie made debut in the industry by placing in the top 5 of the Next Top Nail Artist’s online competition. Her first gig as a certified nail technician was as a manicurist for an Aritzia catalogue photo shoot. She brings her passion and unique personality to the competition. Currently in the process of transitioning into a full time nail technician, Winnie is willing to put it all on the line to pursue her dreams of opening her own nail salon.