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Meet Nailtini Mixologist Faith Roxas

Meet Nailtini Mixologist Faith Roxas


By Charlotte

Beauty and lifestyle blogger Faith Roxas of writes about all the coolest beauty trends, thriftiest finds, tastiest NYC food, and best products on the market – so it’s no wonder she has partnered up with The Lacquer Cabinet for her latest project.

Each month, subscription based service The Lacquer Cabinet works with a blogger to dream up three new Nailtini polish hues. The three polishes can then be mixed and combined with each other to make entirely new colors in the two spare bottles also included with the set, allowing for everyone to try their hand at being a “mixologist.” This month, Roxas collaborated with The Lacquer Cabinet to create the February lineup based on love and pink cocktails. The trio includes the bubbly Pink Clover Club, passionate mulberryValentini, and Head Over Heels, a purple polish which contains glitters that complement the other two lacquers.

We got the exclusive scoop on Roxas, the woman behind the collection in an interview about her must-have nail tools and nail art tricks!

So what is you must have nail product? 
Roxas: My must have nail products are a glass file, cuticle remover, nipper & pusher, 4-way buffer and a base coat. I believe that a perfect polish starts with the basics. Filing your nails is the easiest way to get the shape you want. And nobody wants ugly looking cuticles, right? These products will give your nails a softer appearance. Also make sure to buff and polish your nails for a shiny finish. I never forget to use a base coat before applying a lacquer. It provides a smooth surface for your nail color and prevents your nails from staining.

What is your favorite Nailtini lacquer besides your collection?
My favorite Nailtini Lacquers are Bloody MarySidecar and Frappe! I think every girl needs to have a classic red, nude and a dark color. If you can’t pick a color of the day, you can never go wrong with these shades. They are my go-to nail polishes!

Quickest and easiest nail art tip?
I would say the French tip, glitter top coats and dots. If you want something classy, there are a lot of easy ways to do a French manicure, like putting a piece of Scotch tape on the bottom half of your nails, and then painting the part above the tape with white polish. Anything simple could be glamorous with a glitter top coat. If you want to go for a cute nail art, use a bobby pin to create dots in different sizes and colors.

What were your favorite and least favorite nail trends or innovations of 2013?

Different top coats/finishes/textures like matte, velvet, PixieDust, etc., ombre nail art, metallics, and the two tone French manicure.

Least Favorites:
3-D Nail Art, crackles, duck feet nails, stiletto nails.

What trend/innovation do you think will be hot/would you like to see in 2014?
I would really love to see more pastel/soft colors for spring, bright/neon colors for summer, glitters, metallics and holographic nail polishes.


[Image: The Lacquer Cabinet]