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Madeline Poole Shares How To Get the Louboutin Vulcano Manicure

Madeline Poole Shares How To Get the Louboutin Vulcano Manicure


By semick

When urban street meets uptown chic, we go a bit nuts here at Nail It!. And Christian Louboutin’s Python Vulcano collection definitely hits upon that thin line between gauche and gorgeous: Witness the designer’s sharp-toed So Kate stilettos done up in exotic python and then splattered with electric blue paint.


So-Kate-Python-Vulcano-StilettosWhile these stylish stilts come in at $1,395, we may opt for the equally stylish (yet more affordable) equivalent: Christian Louboutin Beauté’s Python Vulcano Limited Edition Nail Colour Coffret ($90, The trio contains two vivids, True Blue and Hot Chick, plus a grounding neutral, Salonu, that complement each other beautifully.SS15-Coffret---OpenAnd though we’re sure you’re already dreaming up multiple nail art designs inspired by Louboutin’s sexy Vulcano heel, nail artist Madeline Poole has created a look that’s extremely easy to duplicate while also being guaranteed to turn heads. Here, she shares her steps!


Vulcano Manicure How To:

Step 1: Prep the nail. Apply two coats of True Blue and allow them to dry.

Step 2: Using a detail brush, flick small splatters of Salonu across each nail. Keep the placement and direction random.

Step 3: Clean your detail brush, and then flick small splatter Hot Chick over each nail. Allow the design to dry and top with Loubi Gloss.


—Karie L. Frost

Images: Christian Louboutin Beauté