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MAC Ups Their Game with Special Effect Top Coats

MAC Ups Their Game with Special Effect Top Coats


By niwp_admin

MAC Cosmetics has long been known for their high-quality makeup, which is why we are excited to hear that they are launching their very own brand new formula of nail lacquers, MAC Studio Nail Lacquer

To kickstart the new collection, MAC is introducing an entire line of top coats to give you unique textures, finishes, and colors: MAC Transformations. In this lineup, you’ll find Texturize (which provides a clear, leather effect), Shadow (which darkens nails and gives them a dark glow), Blue Pearl (which gives any shade an iridescent blue glow), and Liquid Pigment (which tints your base color pink, gold, or green). Available online now, these shades will be in stores beginning July 3rd. group_0 MAC is making you wait an extra week for their entire collection of Studio Nail Lacquers, which will come in four high-gloss finishes: cream, frost, pearl and glitter. This new formula gives nails a little help with its conditioning vitamins E, C and B5, and gives you a little help with a new flatter, streamlined brush for effortless application. Plus, their new Matte Overlacquer quickly switches glossy finishes to matte in one easy brushstroke. These will be available online July 3rd and in stores July 10th.

[Images: MAC Cosmetics]