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Live Happily Ever After With Jamberry’s New Disney Wraps

Live Happily Ever After With Jamberry’s New Disney Wraps


By semick

Attention Disney fans: all your wishes have come true! Jamberry just launched an entire line of nail wraps inspired by classic Disney characters, including Minnie Mouse, Ariel, and Aurora. Some have the literal character printed on them – some are a little more subtle and trendy, like this script design for Minnie Mouse.

Minnie mouse

If you haven’t used Jamberry before – they’re nail wraps that adhere easily to your nails with no dry time. You just stick them on your nails, file off the extra so they’re precisely the right length for you, and you’re ready to go. These wraps also use an adhesive that you activate by holding the wrap next to a heater or blow dryer for just a few seconds – so when you stick it to your nail, it holds extra well.
make it pink
You can find all the prints from the collection online at (they retail for $18 a set) or through independent consultants near you.
Images: Jamberry