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5 Easy Nail Designs Made of Just Straight Lines

5 Easy Nail Designs Made of Just Straight Lines


By semick

Often when we show off amazing nail designs, someone’s first reaction always seem to be, “I could never do that.” Or, as proven by the large quantity of “Pinterest fails” on the Internet, DIY-ers try overly complex nail tutorials and get in over their heads.

We want everyone to take a stab at painting designs on their own nails – not just hardcore nail Instagrammers, but also regular ol’ people like your roommate, that girl you had a class with once, your cousin, or even your mom. By breaking down five chic, elegant nail designs into just a few plain, straight lines (and just a couple dots), we’re making cute nails possible for everyone.

Start With the Right Tools

We will admit that the first step to achieving these simple looks is to find yourself a couple good brushes. You can wing it with regular thin painting brushes or find inexpensive art brushes especially for nails on sites like Born Pretty Store or ones of a more professional quality at The two most important ones to have are:

1. A small angled brush to help you do short, small movements and

2. A striping brush to create long, straight lines.


If you are really desperate, you can always make your own striping brush using the brush from an old, empty nail polish bottle (here’s the perfect use for all those used up bottles of Seche Vite). Section off a small cluster of bristles from the larger brush and cut the rest off the rest of the bristles at the base. This will leave you with a brush of just a few long, thin hairs that you can use and reuse with different colors as a striper.


5 Nail Tutorials Using Just Lines

Once you have the proper tools, putting together complete looks with just a few straight lines is super easy. And we’ll admit, look #4 has a few dots in it – you can do these with just the tip of your small brush or a dotting tool. Try these unique ideas to get started:


1. Teeny Triangles by @melcisme


2. Chic “A” Design by @badgirlnails

badgirlnails chic line design A

3. Silver Stripes by @peppermintpolish


4. Cozy Winter Manicure by @polished_yogi


5. Easy Great Gatsy Nails by @forever_nails98


If you’re still inspired, click here to see a list of all the other easiest nail designs on our site!


Full hand images: @melcisme, @badgirlnails, @peppermintpolish, @polished_yogi, @forever_nails98; brushes: NAILPRO