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Lily Allen’s Nail Art Contest

Lily Allen’s Nail Art Contest


By lizzysonline

Lily Allen is the new Zooey Deschanel of nail art. The singer’s fingertips never seem to be bare, and are often piled up with color, charms, and nail art galore. Which is why it makes perfect sense that Allen is hosting a nail art contest with Maybelline manicurist Michelle Humphrey. The winner will be chosen by Allen herself, and Humphrey will recreate the design on nail tips for both you and Allen to wear. And if that weren’t enough, the winner will also get a ride for two in a luxury hot air balloon to celebrate the release of the songwriter’s new hit single, “Air Balloon.”
To enter, go to the contest’s homepage here, download the large version of the nail template (pictured below), and fill in the blank nails with your most creative design. You may want to employ your Photoshop skills (or someone else’s) at this stage to line up your vision with the template. When you’re done, upload your picture to either Twitter or Instagram and tag #LilyNailArt. The contest is open until March 24th, 2014. We hope the winner is a Nail It! fan, so good luck!

Note: Hot air balloon prize only redeemable at select launch locations in England, Scotland, and Wales.




[Instagram: @lilyallen]