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Last-Minute Holiday Nail Art Tutorials From MARS The Salon

Last-Minute Holiday Nail Art Tutorials From MARS The Salon


By Dale Arden Chong

In the need for some last-minute holiday nail art to wow all your friends and family? No need to fret, MARS The Salon has got you covered for any occasion. In these step-by-step tutorials, you have the simplest nails that have all the wow-factor you could want.

The Christmas Shine

By Ayumi Namaizawa of MARS The Salon


  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Apply gold glitter color on thumb and ring finger, black on index and pinky, and white on middle finger.
  3. Draw a black heart on thumb.
  4.  Write “JOY”, and draw some little snowflakes  with white color on the black heart.
  5. Attach some star shape hologram and small round hologram randomly on index finger.
  6. Draw 3 snowflakes on ring finger with white color.
  7. Draw some dots between the snowflakes.
  8. Attach some small gold hologram on middle and pinky finger.
  9. Apply top coat.

Hanukkah Nails

By Yuki Sato of MARS The Salon


  1. Apply clear gel.
  2. Draw the bottom of French line with dark blue gel on thumb finger.
  3. Draw the tip of French line with light blue on thumb finger.
  4. Draw the dabble French line all fingers as thumb finger.
  5. Draw the capital H with light blue color and capital A with dark blue color on thumb, capital N with light blue color on index, capital U with dark blue and capital K with light blue on middle, capital A with dark blue on ring, capital H with light color on pinky finger.

[Images: Courtesy of MARS The Salon]