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Julep’s Most Popular Colors For March

Julep’s Most Popular Colors For March


By Junaid

If you’re ever wondering which colors are actually trending, just take a look at Julep. Each month, Julep introduces ten nail polish colors to its thousands of Maven box subscribers – and each month, they share what their top selling colors were by region of the United States. March was marked by soft pastels and blue. “After suffering through some extreme weather patterns this winter, women are ready to forget the Polar Vortex, severe drought, and heavy flooding and embrace spring,” said Park. “Consumer confidence is on the rise; women seem to be in a more positive mood and are choosing light pastels and sheer white for their nails. They’re also taking inspiration from runway trends and embracing blues of all shades and deep corals.”
While the east coast endured cold temperatures and snow while sunny California seemed summer-like. And, amazingly, the favorite colors from one coast to the other were totally different! Check out this map and the full Julep blog post here.

March Spring Nails


[Images: Julep]